UniqueFive HD Radio

UniqueFive HD Radio

Жанр: r'n'bsoul

Страна: Южная Африка
Город: KwaZulu-Natal, Дурбан


This is an Urban Commercial Youth Radio Station predominantly driven by young people's Modern day lifestyle topics combined with music.

Информация о радио

Thank-you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with UniqueFive HD Radio. UniqueFive HD Radio is an online Digital station, broadcasting in Durban and surrounding areas via online Web streaming.

The radio station has been broadcasting since the 04 August 2020 and has been growing ever since. Our Audience has been estimated to be at an average of 6000 listeners per day.

UniqueFive HD Radio is one of the largest online Radio Stations in Durban and surrounding areas including coverage as far as Pietermaritzburg. We Broadcast 98% in English and 02% in Youth (Slang) languages.

UniqueFive HD Radio has a strong following on social media but has been dominant largely on Facebook.

UniqueFive HD Radio is easily accessible. You can listen to UniqueFive HD Radio anywhere and anytime even in your car, at home including in your office via internet (our radio station is mobile).

UniqueFive HD Radio has a unique and sophisticated relationship with our audience. Our target market listens more often for longer hence we pride ourselves with having a very loyal listenership base.

Due to our listenership being very loyal, we have also become a very trusted radio brand.

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: J862 Msilinga Road Kwa Mashu Durban 4360
Телефон: +065 894 5088
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +0810905185
Facebook: @UniqueFive-HD-Radio-594836821177893

Время в городе Дурбан: 09:35, 13.05.2023