Rainbow in the Dark for Two Electric Guitars

Rainbow in the Dark for Two Electric Guitars
Rainbow in the Dark - How I created a Two-Guitar Arrangement of the Classic Heavy Metal Song

to watch how I did this arrangement click here: https://youtu.be/m17S_GaJ8-Y

Are you a composer that needs a little help? Do you want to play this two-guitar arrangement of Rainbow in the Dark with a friend? just let me know:

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By Micky Tejada:

Have you ever tried to create by ear alone a two-guitar arrangement of the classic song from Ronnie James Dio Rainbow in the Dark? probably not, Who can remember so many notes.
However one good thing about writing music for guitar players like myself (and other musicians)
is being able to develop more complicated ideas than what we can do just using our memory alone!. What you are going to listen to is proof that any simple harmonic realm like the A minor tonality used in this song, with basically the repetition of just three chords;
A minor, F major, and G major can be the foundation of complex melodic development.
Do you want to learn more about it? stay on.

"Rainbow in the Dark" was the second single released by Heavy metal artist Dio. Taken from his platinum-selling 1983 debut album, Holy Diver. Assisted by a popular MTV music video, it reached #12 on Billboard that year.

This is a very straightforward song, almost naive in its simple yet very effective harmonic design. We can infer from the stubborn repetition of the main riff by the bass that we are constantly shifting from A minor to G major using the chord of F major as a pívot. The tonality here is suggested, not implied. But no matter its clever simplicity we can develop rich melodic designs by the use of ancient techniques such as counterpoint and imitation.

To transfer the intro part directly to guitar was a very obvious decision, especially for those looking
to make an electric solo. The cool and popular arpeggio seems like it was written with guitars in mind.

The verse offered new possibilities such as harmonizing the top melody with a second voice filling the gaps between phrases and switching the main melody over instruments like in this case that the second guitar is playing Dio’s vocal line but a few bars later first guitar takes over.

The Bridge presents us with a new chord, E minor, which will take us for a brief moment to a secondary tonality. Classical tradition dictates that the chord built upon the fifth grade from the root, in this case, the note E, should be in the form of a dominant chord.
E minor in this case really defies what is expected. Here we jump straight to the guitar solo
I took the liberty of creating my own for the sake only of composing a counterpoint between the two guitars.
There are thousands of methods and tutorials about "baroque counterpoint" out there for you to study but if you have any specific questions about where to start don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section of this video.
If you want to watch the final result please click directly to the link in the description. Having in mind everything explained above I am sure you will enjoy my arrangement not only emotionally but intellectually as well.
Of course, you can watch it in full at the end of this video. Just stay on.
Are you a composer that needs a little help? Do you want to play this two-guitar arrangement of Rainbow in the Dark with a friend?
just let me know in the comment section or send me a message to our social media, you can find the links in the description.
This is an extra tip for you: creating arrangements of existing songs is a very good way to develop skills for your own compositions, it is like when you started learning guitar, you didn’t play your own songs but your favorite tunes. Why not do the same with the process of learning composition?
You can visit some older uploads that you might enjoy, The videos in the channel include orchestral performances of music from Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen, Deep Purple, and many others so don't forget your headphones and have a blast!

My name is Micky, founder of Epic Symphonic Rock, thanks for watching.
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