THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER (about an alien) FEAT. @Anthony Vincent

THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER (about an alien) FEAT. @Anthony Vincent
The Christmas Spirit (You'd Better Feel It) feat. Anthony Vincent [ORIGINAL SONG]

Finally it's here: the only metal/rock Christmas song about an alien (featuring a weird kazoo solo) written with your help.
See you next year.

We're giving our earnings from this song to Emergency:

'Twas the Night before Christmas
when up in the sky,
a creature was looking with all his four eyes.
Something was spreading on Earth like wildfire,
an infection was rising, the fever grew higher.

Uncertain against this unclear situation
the alien was worried he'd have to abort mission.
So he parked the spaceship and tried to understand,
What's the disease that's troubling men? –

It’s the Christmas spirit
Whoa, can’t you feel it
All the lights are shining so bright
Bells are ringing
Children are singing
Let it fill your heart tonight

Hello my green friend
I heard you need help
I’m the one who’ll show you
What Christmas is all a-
-bout and I know well
I come straight from Hell
Not like that old man with his
dumb sleigh bell and

Trust me he’s a fraud
His red soda coat
Makes you see he doesn’t
Care at all
Poor kids get no gifts
They’re not on the list
People chopping trees
What kind of sh*t is this?
They took a Christian celebration
Turned it into mass consumption
They stole it from the pagans
Trust your good dear Mr. Satan
This whole festivity is wroooong!

But it’s the Christmas spirit
You’d better feel it
Slay some trees and buy something nice
Bells are ringing
Kids are watching Squid Game
I’m not sure it’s really appropriate?

What is all this noise?
Listen to my voice
I’m the one who brings
all the gifts and presents
all around the world
Welcome to the Earth
Make yourself comfortable
And enjoy the cookies

Take a look around
Listen to the sounds
Everyone is joyful
And kind to each other
Families reunite
Enjoy the snowy sight
For a special little moment
All the world feels like one

And the food is great

It’s the Christmas spirit,
Now I can see it
Humankind is complex and celebrates in different ways
There’s no right or wrong
Just sing the Christmas song
The universe makes no sense at all

Humanity will be spared, for now

Anthony: Satan, Santa.
Dave: Singing Dave, Alien, Evil Dave, Country Dave.
Joe: Guitar Joe, Evil Joe, Dr. Joe.

Thanks to Filippo Borsini for helping us shoot the "story" section.

#christmas #alien #metal
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