Please join the raffle and enjoy!!

Please join the raffle and enjoy!!
I'm holding a raffle contest to commemorate the release of my band's single album!!
You can participate in the raffle through a paid $5 donation. Use the PayPal link below

The draw is on the 28th of November!
Until then, you can participate. !!

Only 1 donation per person.
I will notify the winner through his/her Paypal email address, so make sure it is correct.

1st place - 1 person: Request video production
2nd place - 1 person: 1 costume or goods from my video (which video costume is still undecided)
3rd place - 1 person: Mizy Goods (T-shirt and 1 Free World CD package)
These 3 people will have their names engraved on "Thanks to" of Mizy's 3rd single, which is currently in production.

4th place - 10 people: Download a digital copy of all 5 songs from the high-quality sound source of Mizy’s 2nd single “Free World”

To all participants in the raffle, one digital single song of Mizy can be downloaded in high quality.

Be sure to write “AMI DRUM VIDEO” on your PayPal memo so I can properly include you.
and Please verify your PayPal email address.!!

Please do NOT provide any song request with the donation. I will discuss with the winner what song to cover after the raffle has concluded. I plan to showcase the video in February 2022.
This raffle is not associated with Facebook, YouTube, Paypal, or any other company.
Good luck to Everyone !!!!!!

See you at live streaming 28th of November !!!!
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