Looney Tunes Podcast | Bugs & Daffy’s Thanksgiving Road Trip | Movie Mallard | WB Kids

Looney Tunes Podcast | Bugs & Daffy’s Thanksgiving Road Trip | Movie Mallard | WB Kids
Daffy begins production on his Thanksgiving movie, letting the power of directing go to his head. Then, at a test screening, all the characters Bugs & Daffy have encountered on the road trip return to find that Daffy’s embellished all of their encounters. Will his movie be enough to cement himself in everyone’s mind as the Thanksgiving Duck?

When Bugs & Daffy get invited to the Warner Bros backlot for a big Thanksgiving feast, Daffy refuses to go unless he gets to be the official bird of Thanksgiving. The only way to do that? Make Daffy the star of a big-budget holiday movie: Thanksgiving Day. Only problem is, Daffy isn’t famous enough to star in his own movie, so Bugs & Daffy have to take a road trip all across the country, making stops at football games, chilli cook-offs, and fashion shows in order to raise Daffy’s profile, get his movie made, and make him the Thanksgiving Duck!

That's not all folks! Catch up with all your favorite characters - Bugs and Daffy, Tweety and Sylvester, and Coyote and Road Runner as they play pranks, have high-speed chases, and outsmart their enemies.

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